dobry means good in czech


Good Gift. Good Home.

Welcome to DOBRY gift + home -
Nestled in the Heart of Czech Village.
You will always find a variety of unique gifts
+ home decor for every style and budget.
GOOD = gift + home + wine + pantry

wine + more

dobry pantry

We have a wonderful selection of wines at DOBRY. Red + white ~ sweet + dry. Shop our large selection of dips + soups + jams + sauces. We offer some gluten free and vegan options as well!

A perfect gift option as well ~ we will happily gift bag your selections to make gift giving extra special.

did you know?

History of DOBRY Building

Our little space used to be a gas station back in the 50's and 60's. Envision this ~ our front door and two windows flanking the front door, used to be garage bays where cars were pulled in, lifted and worked on. We LOVE the tall ceilings ~ this is one of the first things people notice when walking in. Our Pantry space was the gas station office where one would come in and pay for their gas or services. Initially this was to be our storage space but we decided it was just too adorable so we switched thoughts and it became our Pantry. Our guests love the wine selection and food options in our Pantry ~ a perfect gift idea!

Thank you to our amazing landlord Bob ~ simply THE best. He went along with our idea of clearing this space, which was his warehouse since the flood of 2008 and making it available to us.

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Gift Card

DOBRY gift + home

Gift Card

Give the Gift of a DAISY gift card for any occasion. We can mail this to you to gift as you wish. Or add a note to let us know to whom to mail it to and we will add your message, put it in a card and mail it for you! The DAISY gift card can be redeemed at our sister store the DAISY as well.