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Adore Me is our newest natural massage oil! This oil can be used from head to toe. Perfect for a everyday body oil or for you to use with your much needed massage! Not only does it smell amazing, but the benefits from each oil are a mile long! Here is some of our faves! Active Ingredients Include Grapefruit Oil boosts your immune system, relieves anxiety and stress and helps get rid of cellulite naturally. Sweet Orange Oil relaxes your muscles, helps anxiety and depression and helps flush your body of toxins. Ylang Ylang Oil helps relieve stress and tension, promotes romance, helps improve sleep. Copaiba Oil helps with inflammation, helps relieve pain, and helps relax your muscles. Lime Oil helps restore your energy, fight infection and detox your body. Cedarwood Oil helps promote strength, mood enhancer and promotes relaxation. Lavender Oil soothes skin, reduces stress and anxiety, helps relax your body and mind. TO USE:APPLY DESIRED AMOUNT ON SKIN & MASSAGE AS NEEDED Mad...

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